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A visit from Mr Su of Ming Wei, Taiwan

Towards the end of September 2016, we had the pleasure of spending a day with our friend Mr Su of Ming Wei in Taiwan. Ming Wei are a paper machinery manufacturer of over 30 years who we have dealt with for almost our entire history. Mr Su paid us a visit as part of their ongoing after sales customer care programme, where he visited his top 5 clients across Europe, including manufacturers in Spain, France and Germany, as well as ourselves here in England.

Mr Su of Ming Wei and Phil Coffey of Leighton Packaging

It was great to see Mr Su again and we look forward to having him over again in the future. In the meantime, you can watch some of his videos of his excellent machines in action below:

MING WEI-T.LONG-618 IN LINE with Pre Feeder and Tying machine

Ming Wei -T.LONG-618 - Sino Corrugated Exhibition 2013 Shanghai

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